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Glass blowing


Historically, the glass‐blowing department is one of the characteristic features of the company.

Since 1960 this department has developed glass elements for scientific, industrial and artistic purpose. Based on a high quality staff (since its foundation, 8 workers have been nationally awarded). PIGNAT SAS has built its own legend in glass blowing and currently shares this unique know‐how within our costumers.

Thanks to this rare skill and a specific tool, PIGNAT SAS is building very unique pieces; for example, the company is the only French company that produces very large dimension glass parts.

This 50 years’ know‐how has enabled the company to obtain the EPV label: this “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (living heritage Enterprise)” label is a State’s recognition mark to acknowledge the French companies of excellent small‐scale and industrial know‐how.

If glass parts made by the glass‐blowing workshop feed mainly educational units and industrial pilots sold by PIGNAT, some parts are made by request for artists, architects and designers who come seeking for a mixture of scientific rigorousness and unique know‐how to help them in their creations.

*MOF : Meilleur Ouvrier de France (national award for craft know how)