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Process Engineering Solutions

Maintenance contracts

The maintenance contracts proposed by PIGNAT company, are oriented at the technical assistance, preventive maintenance, maintenance of the units. A maintenance contract can include technical visits to organized, hydraulic test, upgrading, troubleshooting, among others 

Study of pre-project (Process diagram)

The PIGNAT team has the personnel and the skills necessary to guide you and assist you in the initiation of your engineering projects.


Study of establishment 3D

 A 3D establishment, allows you to organize, to connect, to put, and to project the installation of one or several units in a room of the practical work in optimizing spaces.  


Specific technical training document

 All PIGNAT unit is delivered with technical document. This folder contains all the technical information on the elements of the unit (motor, pump, valves, groups, etc.), this contains also of process diagrams, circuit diagrams, a teaching manual, and examples of experiments.




PIGNAT manages the installation of your units in your building: before the installation, dimensions of the access, location of the unit, fluids and energy requirements are specified for each unit...

Here is an example of a typical layout in a chemical engineering lab 


After sales service

PIGNAT units are warranted, our after-sales service responds to your questions and guides you to solutions, if necessary to make you with our technicians are possible, they can move to make interventions.


Control system

Many PIGNAT units are equipped with a control system and command, for the monitoring of processes, the exploitation of the curves in real time and historical export the data to Excel table.

Each supervision is developed on the basis of the study unit